Annual Awards

BAL annual awards will be given to the following people that represent our club’s vision. Each winner will be awarded with an Adidas gift.

  • 4 Legacy Club Staff members
  • 4 Legacy Club Parents
  • 4 Legacy Team Managers
  • 4 Legacy Competitive Coaches
  • 4 Legacy Rec Coaches

The four awards are described below.

  1. Legacy Award – Goes to the member who best exemplifies our vision, and who leaves a lasting legacy on everything they do.
  2. Outwork Everyone Award – Goes to the member who works tirelessly to achieve the vision set forth.
  3. Bigger than One Award – Goes to the member who exemplifies team spirit and collective work.
  4. Bridge the Gap Award – Goes to the most improved member, who has bridged the gap from the previous year

BAL "Building A Legacy" Program

The BAL Program consists of the following: BAL Milestones, BAL Annual Awards, BAL Pentathlon, and BAL Scholorship. To read more about the program go to the BAL Program page.