Milestones within the club can be used to bring everyone together, and can also be used to motivate players and teams throughout their time in the club. Milestones would be accrued annually, starting with zero at the beginning of each season. The BAL artifact will be used as an award, and it would be placed next to the player’s name on the team page on the website.

  • Going from playing 7 v 7 to 8 v 8 to 11 v 11
  • Monthly 100% Attendance
  • Visibly being an active mentor
  • Monthly 100% Attitude
  • 10-hours of volunteering
  • Monthly 100% Effort
  • Team outreach projects
  • Moving to Legacy program from either the Excel or Rec program

BAL "Building A Legacy" Program

The BAL Program consists of the following: BAL Milestones, BAL Annual Awards, BAL Pentathlon, and BAL Scholorship. To read more about the program go to the BAL Program page.