Building A Legacy (BAL) Program Overview

Through soccer I have had an amazing life. I have traveled the world and competed against the best. I left my heart and soul on the field. I have won countless games and painfully lost some too.  The success, injuries, friendships, and memories have been tallied and are imprinted in my mind for life. But what LEGACY will I leave for those behind me?

Leaving a legacy for others to follow is part of what drives us as a club, coaches, parents, and players. We followed others who have gone before us.  Now it is or turn to make sure those who come after will want our footprints to lead them.  We will do that by leaving the Legacy and the sport of soccer better than when we first discovered it.

In 2012 Legacy began the process of focusing our identity into 6 Core Values and 6 Components of our Vision.  Using these 12 ideas, we created the BAL Program which includes a curriculum, service opportunities, milestones, awards, and scholarships.  Since that point, the Core Values and Components have been the foundation for club decisions and practices.  Every Legacy Recreational, Legacy Excel, and Legacy player has been exposed to the BAL Program.   

Legacy is committed to the entire player, not just part that gets results on the field.  We are helping to shape players into confident leaders who understand the importance of character and service.   The BAL Program is a starting point for our players to build a lasting legacy in their club, schools, community, and world.

Why is leaving a legacy important?  Those who came before left us the world we live in. Those who will come after will have only what we leave them. We are stewards of this world and of the sport of soccer. We have a responsibility to leave things better than how we found it.

Yes, your legacy is very important. Take time to reflect on what you did yesterday, what you are doing right now and what your plans are for tomorrow.

  • You’re BUILDING A LEGACY every day.
  • You’re part of a LEGACY.
  • What LEGACY do you hope to leave?

Andy Bonchonsky - Director of Coaching, Legacy