Legacy Coaches

Legacy looks to recruit and retain the best coaches around. Our coaching staff includes College (current and previous) coaches, High School coaches and other highly qualified and knowledgable staff. We look to our coaching staff to develop our players at every level and to pass along the love of this beautiful game. Below is a list of our current Coaching Staff.

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NAME 2014-15 2015-16 EMAIL
Omid Aziminejad 06B White, 06B Blue 06B White, 02B White
Jim Burgess 07G White, 04G Gold 07G White, 04G Gold
Mike Burgess 07B Red 09B Red
Ed Callaghan 03B Red, 03B White 07B Red, 04G Red
Harold Calvo 05B White, 05B Blue 05B White, 05B Blue
Kevin Campbell 06G Red, 04B Gold 06G Red, 08B Blue
Frankie Clay 04B Blue 04B Blue, 09B Blue Shadowaz2000@yahoo.com
Todd Conklin   09B White
Eddie Cooper   04B Gold azcooper11@cox.net
Shelby Crabtree 04G Blue 07G Red
Skylar Crudup   06B Gold
Jeremy Douwstra   06G Blue JeremyCD5@gmail.com
Brett Epstein 06B Red, 05B Red, 00B Red 06B Red, 05B Red
Nathan Fairchild 99G Red, 98B Red 98B Red
Ricky Fetherston 01B Red  06B Blue
Alex Flores 08B White 08B White sano23@hotmail.com
Bryan Gerard 04B White, 02B White  
Jason Hall   04G Blue batmanislegacycrazy@gmail.com
Eddie Hertsenberg 99B Red 99B Red hertsenc@gmail.com
Chris Hughes 03G Blue 03G Blue
Pat Jackson 04B Red, 02B Red 04B Red, 02B Red
Walid Kaakoush   03B White wbkaakoush@hotmail.com
Zak Krauss 01B White  
Jesse Larimer 04G Red, 07B White 09G Red, 07B White
Alberto Millan 05B Gold 05B Gold
Angel Marin 08B Red 08B Red
Nicholas Markette 97G Red 99G Red
Marc McCoy   09G White mccoymarc12@gmail.com
Sara Miene 03G White  
Willy Molina   02B White barca58@sbcglobal.net
Chad Moody 06G White 06G White
Scott Moyer   03G White desertone08@yahoo.com
Ernando Novais 05G Red, 03G Red 05G Red, 03G Red
Drew Partridge 00G White, 00B White 00G White, 00B White
Joe Paulsen 02B Blue, 98G Red 99B White, 98G Red
Ozzy Perez 99B White, 01G Red 01B White, 01G Red
Jaime Pagliarulo 08G Red, 05G Blue 08G Red, 05G Blue
David Rawlings 97B Red  
Zach Ringo   07B Gold 1zringo1@gmail.com
Jorge Rubi 07B Blue 07B Blue
Bryan Sabato 02G Red, 00G Red 02G Red, 00G Red
Lori Sabato 05G White 05G White
Jason Silvius 03B Blue 03B Blue, 00B Red Jason.Silvius@dunnenvironmental.com
John Tukker   01B Red johntukker@cox.net
Erik Varas   02B Blue varaserik@hotmail.com
Max Villegas   05G Gold villegasmax11@gmail.com
JC Walsh 07G Red, 04G White 04G White
Randy Warren   03B Red
Devon Wharf 01G White 01G White