CAP Information

The purpose of our CAP program is to provide basic information and highlight resources for players and their families who are beginning and engaged in the college search, recruitment, and application process. Part of this process is narrowing your search. It is difficult and time consuming process which will have lifelong implications. It is important that you research your options, know the right questions to ask, and take the time to find the right fit. Here are a few things that every student athlete must consider.


When considering location keep in mind the climate in which you will be required to live, study, train and play in. Consider the distance from home and the travel costs for returning for holiday breaks. Do you want the offerings of a large, populated city or a rural environment?


The student population may play a large role in your decision. Each school will offer different opportunities and experiences. The school population will have a large impact on your academic and athletic career. What type of an environment are you MOST comfortable in?


Keep in mind that approximately half of college students will change their majors at least once before graduation. When looking into universities look into how many majors are offered within you current interests.

If you have a degree in mind make sure you research the program and compare it to other schools that you may be looking into. Consider the school and program’s reputation and job placement. Be sure to take the time to meet with a representative from the program.

Compare your transcript to the acceptance requirements of each school.  If you are being recruited by a particular school, the athletic program may have some influence in assisting in your acceptance but for the most part, schools have little leeway.  These special "slots" are usually used on the top players being recruited by that school.  The reality is that better grades, rank, and board scores will provide you more college choices, so STUDY!


It is quite easy to find what it costs to attend schools online. The cost of higher education is continually rising. Soccer scholorships can help reduce the financial burden. College coaches have a limited scholarship budget and have many ways of dividing the money and not all programs are the same. Look into every possible financial support system you may have. Academic scholarships can help market yourself to perspective coaches while reducing the financial burden of higher educations, so STUDY!


What level of soccer can you play at? Have you watch any collegiate games? The more collegiate soccer you watch the better understanding you will have of your abilities and at what level you can play.

Observe, research, and ask questions regarding the style of play at a perspective school. Interview the coaching staff and current players as much as they interview you during campus visits. Pay attention to the recruiting class size and needs of the program. Ask yourself if these fit your needs and expectations.