Contacting Coaches

When contacting perspective coaches by email:

When contacting coaches by email make sure you’re always adding the assistant coaches to the email.  Most, if not all schools, especially NCAA Division I, have the Assistant coaches do the majority of the recruiting.  Smaller schools, will more likely have the head coach doing all the recruiting, but still attach the assistants. Be sure your email is addressed to all coaches withing the program.
The introductory email/letter should include:

Brief introduction
All your contact information listed within the email
Scheduled tournaments coming up
Player Profile attached
Reference page (Club coach, Club DOC, High School Coach, Academic contact)

Make sure you let the coach know of your interest in attending their school.  Ask the coach to send you any information about the programs Fall/Winter/Spring Clinics, Summer Camps, or any other soccer program activities that they might run.  Show interest in attending these events so that the coach knows that you are serious about his/her school.

Keep your email/letter to the point and make sure that you have written the email, not your parents.  Check and double check for spelling of the coaches’ names and school.  Personalize the email/letter as much as possible using the coach’s name.  Make sure you check that there haven’t been any coaching changes because you do not want to address your email to the wrong coach.

Remember, college coaches receive hundreds of emails a week from potential recruits.  If you do not get a response, do not give up!  Due to recruiting rules, if you are a Freshman or Sophomore, the coach may not be able to contact you directly.  This whole process will take time and will take a lot of commitment... be prepared to do the work... sell and promote yourself as much as possible.  The most persistent and proactive student athlete, is the one who gets what they want.


Introductory Letter 1
Introductory Letter 2
Follow-up Letter -- example coming soon

When contacting perpective coaches by phone:

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When meeting perspective coaches face to face during campus visits:

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