Legacy Players - High School Freshman

As you begin your High School career college seems to be a lifetime away. However, it is never too early to begin planning for the process. Your freshman year will be consumed with the transition into high school as a student athlete. However, now is the time to start thinking about your career as a student athlete. A few things you can begin to do are:


  • Open a family discussion in regards to furthered education and becoming a collegiate athlete.
  • Begin your initial research into the academic and athletic programs you might be interested in.
  • Write a description of your “ideal” College Program - Location (West Coast v Midwest v East) - Size (400 v 25 in freshman classes) - Academic strengths (What do you want to study?)
  • Start a college file:
    • Research 20 - 25 Colleges: 7-9 D-I Schools, 7-9 D-II Schools, 6-8 D-III and/or NAIA Schools.
    • Create a list: Coaches name, Mailing address, Telephone number, Email address
    • Send introductory letters to colleges by May
  • Participate in High School orientation.
  • Set academic plan for year:
    • Set a goal for your GPA - meet your goal - arrange tutors if necessary - family meeting with high school counselor to plan a rigorous academic plan.
    • Take classes that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses. The NCAA Eligibility Center will only use approved core courses to certify your initial eligibility.
    • You can access and print your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses at and clicking “Resources” at the top of the screen.
    • Pick 1-2 college campus to visit informally (e.g., D-I: SDSU, USD, NAIA: Pt. Loma and D-II: UCSD while at tournaments?)
    • Retake any courses that you received a ‘C’ or lower in summer school.
  • Send college coaches letters inviting them to see you play in tournaments. Follow up emails with a telephone call.
  • Send another letter with player profile to the 20-25 colleges.
  • Prepare for Community Service. Choose possible options.
  • Review progress with parents.
  • Set individual athletic goals for the season (e.g., juggle both feet 100 times, strike the ball 45 yards with non-dominant foot). Play, play, and then play some more…
  • Attend our Legacy annual College Night to help understand more about the college search process.

Legacy Coaches

Our Legacy coaches will assist you in the college search process. Including:

  • Developing you as potential college level soccer player on the field.
  • Following up with you about grades and the courses you’re enrolled in.
  • Help you put together a Top 10 list of college choices and keep track of your progress.
  • Help you create a personal player profile and keep track of your progress.
  • Help you create your cover letters and keep track of your progress.
  • Help with decisions about what college ID camps you might attend.
  • Help with decisions on what colleges you might want to visit.
  • Create a team master player profile for distribution to college coaches at games.

College Coaches

  • Prior to September 1st, Junior Year: Until this point, college coaches must follow strict recruiting rules. Coaches can only send you questionnaires, sport brochures, and NCAA education information. You are, however, allowed to call coaches; they just can't call you back. (Be aware of this if you intend to leave a voicemail message.) In addition, you can make unofficial visits to college campuses. Any meeting with coaches must take place on campus.