Club Resources
  Player Profile (Resume) A template for players to use when creating their soccer resume.
  Player Reference A template for players to generate a reference list.
NCAA Resources
  www.ncaa.org This web site includes everything you need to know about the NCAA including Information about all sports, eligibility and recruiting, national letter of intent, education, rules, the clearinghouse, etc..
  www.eligibilitycenter.org There you can find out about if you are taking the classes that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses. The NCAA Eligibility Center will only use approved core courses to certify your initial eligibility. And you’ll be able to access and print your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses by clicking “Resources” at the top of the screen.
NAIA Resources

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

  www.playnaia.org The NAIA Eligibility Center
Other Resources
  www.collegeboard.com College scholarship opportunities, both athletic and non athletic, can be researched at reputable sites such as collegeboard.com.
  www.ACT.org  For educational support check out ACT.
  www.VarsityTutors.com For help with preparing for the SAT test you can go to Varsity Tutors LLC. All San Tan Legacy players will receive 2 free hours of tutoring with the purchase of any of the test prep packages.
  www.thesportsource.com The Sport Source, College Soccer Guide 1-800-862-3092 publish new books every year with up-to-date data for individual mens and womens college programs including a thumbnail sketch of academics plus soccer information about style of play the coach prefers, number of graduating seniors, and other specific highlights of the program. Each book is approximately 2 inches thick and costs approximately $40.
  www.campusdirt.com This site provides summaries of college information from a database of 80,000 students who provide a somewhat different slant on the information.
  www.fiskeguide.com The Fiske Guides Site provides a 30-question general survey to help students start thinking through the college-selection process.
  www.collegesportsconnect.com Guide to selecting the right school.