Strength & Conditioning Program


U11-U18’s - every week for one hour – Aug-April (or end of the season)

Travis Cummings – Coordinator of FAST (Speed and Conditioning) -

Travis’s Staff:

Chris Cummings
Erik Reinertsen
Garrett Lachvayder
Julian Socrate

F.A.S.T. (Foothills Acceleration & Sports Training) Mission Statement:

In today’s competitive athletic world you need a winning edge to set yourself apart from the rest – you need speed, agility, power and strength. You need performance training that will help you reach your highest potential. That’s what the Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training (FAST®) Programs deliver. From young, developing athletes and peak performing professionals, to recreational “weekend warriors”, everyone can benefit from FAST® training. This type of athlete training in Phoenix is designed to give athletes the upper hand in developing their athletic abilities, helping you meet and exceed your goals as an athlete.

S. Chandler F.A.S.T. Methodology:

FAST focuses on using a multi-faceted approach that generates results.  Our Sports Performance Training is focused on the following key components to athlete success:  power, speed, agility, quickness, strength, mobility, flexibility and injury prevention.  Testing is done every two months to ensure athletes are progressing and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure optimal results. 

Training sessions are broken down into a dynamic warm-up, power/plyometric training, movement mechanics training (linearly/laterally), strength training, conditioning and flexibility.  An area we excel at is educating athletes on the proper running mechanics linearly, laterally and while changing direction.  This component is critical because it puts the athlete in the most optimal athletic position at all times avoiding the risk of injury and increasing performance.

Each of the above portions of training are based off of progressions, starting from building a strong foundation of stability and basic strength to more explosive and advanced strength and conditioning techniques.  Our trainers experience and knowledge enable them to modify workouts to accommodate athletes of all abilities.  Once the athletes have mastered the basic exercises, they are progressed to more advanced exercises, continuously challenging their athleticism and overall development.