If you are an experienced Grade 9, 8, or higher level referee and would like to work games for Legacy, please contact our Referee Assignor, John Percival.


We need qualified referees for our tournaments! If you want to referee in the Legacy Holiday Classic (December) or Legacy Ostrich Festival (March), please visit our tournament pages prior to the tournament for further information.

Grade 9 Referee Certification

The Grade 9 Recreational Referee is certified to work as an Assistant Referee (AR, formerly known as a linesman) on all U14 and younger games plus is certified to work as a Center Referee for all youth recreational games.

Grade 8 Referee Certification

The Grade 8 Referee is certified to work as either an Assistant Referee or a Center Referee on all youth soccer games (both recreational or competitive). We are in great need of soccer-knowledgeable, physically-fit adults interested in working the older youth soccer games. This is an excellent job for a college student who is available during the day on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.

Grade 8 and 9 Re-Certification

All existing referees must re-certify annually. Go to for the latest news and registration information.