Thank you for your interest in working with SAN TAN Soccer Club. The following will provide some useful information regarding employment with our organization. SAN TAN Soccer Club is committed to providing only the finest coaches for our players and teams. We believe a great soccer coach is the foundation upon which all successful soccer teams are built. We continuously work to gather the finest soccer coaches from inside and outside of our local soccer community, and then we match the skills of our coaches with the needs of the individual teams.
Our coaches are professional, each licensed by USSF, NSCAA or AYSA and are dedicated to providing the finest coaching possible to players of SANTAN SC. If you think you have what it takes to join the SAN TAN Soccer Club Team, contact the Director of Coaching and provide a resume with the following basic information:
1) National or State level Soccer Coaching Licenses, Certificates, or Diplomas.
2) Prior coaching background including the teams, ages, gender, dates, and level. 
3) Playing experience.
Once your soccer resumes have been submitted our Director of Coaching Andy Bonchonsky will contact to discuss the program and consider an in person interview.
What We Look for in Potential Coaches
SAN TAN SC is an organization of professional soccer educators. SAN TAN Soccer Club looks for coaches with the following general qualifications and criteria: 
Coach Expectations from the Club:
1. Trustworthy 
2. Loyalty As a Coach 
3. Be organized 
4. Be on time 
5. Be professional 
6. Be responsible As a Person 
7. Show class 
8. Show character under pressure 
9. Possess charisma and personality 
Expectations from the Director Of Coaching
1. Buy into the program 
2. Sell the program 
3. Live the program
Expectations for Player Development
1. Develop the player’s appreciation of the game. 
2. Keep winning and losing in proper perspective. 
3. Be sensitive to each player’s developmental needs. 
4. Educate the players to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game. 
5. Players need to have fun and receive feedback. 
6. Practice should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning. 
7. Strive to help each player reach their full potential and be prepared to move to the next level. 
8. Excellent role models for children.
Expectations for Safety
1. Your first responsibility is the health and safety of all participants. 
2. Know and understand the Laws of the Game. 
3. Inspect equipment and field conditions for safety. 
4. Utilize proper teaching and instructing of players regarding safe techniques and methods of play. 
5. Be prepared to handle first aid situations as well as medical emergencies at all practices and games, both home and away. 
6. Supervise and control your players to avoid injury.

Approval of the SAN TAN Soccer Club Board of Directors. The board reserves the right and authority to either accept or decline any application for a new professional coach position based on the above criteria after recommendation of the Director of Coaching. * Background check will be conducted. * Valid Drivers License is required. * Work Visa is required.