Volunteers are the life blood of Legacy – with many levels of time and commitment, there is definitely a place for you!
Our Board of Directors consists of 12 elected positions
Vice President
Past President
Legacy Boys
Legacy Girls
Recreational Coed U4-U8
Recreational Coed U9-U18
Recreational Girls
Commissioner of Special Programs.
Our Board of Directors, in addition to the duties specifically listed for each position; work at the Board Table at the Snedigar Sports Complex during the fall, winter, and spring recreational seasons.  Each Board member is required to work at the Legacy tryouts and to run tournament facilities during the weekends of the Holiday Classic and Ostrich Festival.  Board Members must also be flexible in their availability during the Legacy Recreational/Excel Coaches meetings held each Legacy Recreational/Excel season. Board Members also work the Legacy registrations and team meetings held in the spring after tryouts are completed. Attendance at regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings is mandatory.  Each Board member must check their voicemail and email on a daily basis and reply, as necessary, on a timely basis.
In addition to our Board of Directors, we have positions within the club that are Independent Contractors and positions that receive Legacy services for their work. These positions include:
Club Administrator
Administrative Assistant
Referee Assignor
Director of Recreational Training
Field Administrator
Equipment Manager
Legacy Team Manager Directors
Recreational Age Directors
Recreational Game Scheduler
Picture Day Coordinator
Legacy Fundraising Coordinator
Recreational Fundraising Coordinator
While these are non-voting positions they are an integral part of our organization.
Within our Legacy Recreational Program – we have Commissioners and Age Directors that work on behalf of the club for each season as players register for teams. These groups of volunteers form teams based on age, special requests, school and neighborhood. Parents volunteer to coach teams and are assigned as needed. The Age Directors work with the Legacy Recreational Game Scheduler on multi-team coaching conflicts. These Age Directors are the first line of contact for coaches and parents as the season begins and progresses. Coaches work with the Field Administrator on practice field assignments within the available locations that we are allocated through the Chandler Youth Sports Association/City ofChandler.
Within our Legacy Program – we have Commissioners that help oversee the competitive teams along with the Director of Coaching. The head coach for each team is pulled from our professional paid coaching staff and some teams have volunteer assistant coaches. Each Legacy team has a volunteer Team Manager that helps organize the team’s travel, fundraising, tournament registration and overall team activities. The Team Manager enlists help from the families of the team to take on tasks as needed. The Team Manager Directors are available to each team for support throughout the season.
Please contact president Nicholas Markette if you are interested in being a part of Legacy. There is truly a position for everyone that wants to help make a difference in your child’s soccer experience!