Financial Aid Application

Legacy offers this “Financial Aid” to assist economically disadvantaged families with improving their quality of life through our soccer program. To qualify for Financial Aid, families must meet criteria established by Legacy. Application eligibility for financial aid will be reviewed and approved by Legacy’s Financial Aid Committee. To apply for Financial Aid you need to complete the form below, along with a copy of your 2015 tax return. Late applications may be considered if funds are still available during the monthly scholarship meetings.

Eligibility Requirements: Legacy requires verification of your household income along with this application. To be considered for Financial Aid, you must submit a copy of the first page of your 2015 U.S. Tax Return by June 1st. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED

A family’s annual income must be under the Reduced Price Meal income level which is 185% of the Federal Poverty Level to be eligible. This federal chart is listed on the back of this application for your convenience. Players may receive a full or partial Financial Aid if they meet the Reduced Price Meal income guideline.

Families approved for Financial Aid will volunteer 40 hours for their Legacy Fees and 4 hours for their Recreational fees. These hours will be worked in 4 hour shifts and include these job duties: Saturday field work in our Recreational Program, working at our two tourneys, the Holiday Classic and Ostrich Festival and other volunteer work as needed. Families must provide one adult (or child 15 or older) to cover each shift. If a family misses 2 shifts, the family will be billed for their fees.

At a minimum, each player will be responsible for the Registration Fee of $260. Players new to the Legacy program will be responsible for purchasing their own uniform kit. The registration amount can be set up on a payment plan for the season but must be paid in full prior to end of season.

For additional questions, feel free to email